Air Transport – Portugal

The flights within Portugal They are not highly recommended for being quite expensive, and for involving short distances.

Portugal airline

The main airlines of Portugal They are:

  • TAP – Air Portugal: is the company «flag». Fly regularly to more than 50 international destinations, but also make domestic flights between Lisbon, Port, Lighthouse and the Autonomous Regions of Madeira and of the Azores. Daily flights are between Lisbon Y Porto, Y Lisbon Y Lighthouse.

  • SATA: it has regular flights between all the islands of the Azores, and from the Azores to Madeira and mainland Portugal. SATA performs also has regular flights to some international airports. It has daily flights between Lisbon Y Porto, Y Lisbon Y Lighthouse.

The most important airports are the following:

  • Lisbon – La Portela Airport – Tel .: 218 413 500
  • Porto – Dr. Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport – Tel .: 229 432 400
  • Faro – Faro Airport – Tel .: 289 800 800
  • Madeira – Funchal – Funchal Airport – Tel .: 291 520 700
  • Azores – Ponta Delgada – João Paulo II Airport – Tel .: 296 205 406

Porto airport

The website that brings together all these airports is:

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