Air Transport – Switzerland

The airports most important in Switzerland They are:

  • EuroAirport (Basel / Mullhouse): It receives about 4 million passengers a year and works with about 30 airlines.

  • Geneva International Airport: It has a traffic of 11 million passengers a year and works with about 70 airlines.

  • Zurich airport: It is the largest in Switzerland with a traffic of 22 million passengers. More than 70 airlines arrive at this airport.

Zurich airport

The main three airlines what are you offering domestic flights in Switzerland They are as follows:

  • SWISS: Despite being an international airline, it has destinations to the main airports in Switzerland.

  • Darwin Airlines: Regional airline based in Lugano. Serves Bern, Geneva and Lugano.

  • FlyBaboo: Lebanese capital airline. Its main destinations in Switzerland are Lugano, Geneva and Zurich.

Switzerland Airlines

It is not very common for visitors to use air transport due to the size of the country, its good train service and, of course, the view.

Finally, there are some operators of helicopters that offer flights over Alps and there is even an airship that flies over the Lucerne and Constancia lakes.

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