Aitana Safari

The Aitana Safari It is a beautiful photographic safari with an area of ​​1,500,000 m2 where we can find animals in semi-freedom and freedom walking through the prairies while we take pictures and follow them.

aitana safari

The landscape is undoubtedly one of the references of this zoo that houses different animal species such as elephants, llamas, giraffes, horses, hippos and rhinos, among many other species.

The spectacle that people prefer to see is obviously the lunch schedule of these animals where they manage to interact effectively and the guided tour is more fruitful when they see the animals in their almost natural habitat.

aitana the safari

The park houses several entertainment areas such as the reptile, the aviary, a section for small children and the dacktary, an area of ​​the park where we will find animals that cannot live in freedom since they need special attention.

To locate the Aitana Safari we must find ourselves in the Sierra de Aitana, 35 km from Benidorm and travel along the Sella-Villajoyosa Road in Alicante.

The Safari Aitana project has been working for 30 years on improvements to its facilities, the acquisition of new animals and to provide tourists with a better environment to spend a nice day.

The entrance fee for adults is 16 euros.

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