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Akihabara – Tokyo

Akihabara (Akiba) It is paradise for technology fans. Several neighborhoods in the Japanese capital stand out for offering businesses selling electronic devices but Akihabara is the geek sector par excellence in the metropolis.

When traveling the streets of Akihabara We will find stores that offer the most advanced electrical products and that are visited daily by hundreds of thousands of Japanese and tourists (Akihabara stores are characterized by having employees who speak different languages ​​so communicating will never be a problem).

In Akihabara we must visit:

Chuodori street. Area specialized in selling computers, gadgets, anime and video games.

Soto Kanda Street 3. Where we will find everything necessary to repair our electronic devices: tools, cables, spare parts, and others.

Soto Kanda Street 1. This street is very close to the station and is characterized by second-hand stores with great discounts.

Duty Free Shop In this neighborhood we will find several Duty Free stores where we can buy duty-free products just by showing our passport and tourist visa.

Karaokes In Akihabara we will find karaokes specialized in music of the most popular Japanese anime and manga.

The streets of this neighborhood are crowded day and night by thousands of young fans of technology, who visit the stores to observe the demonstrations of equipment that are carried out. We can reach Akihabara by taking the train from Chiyoda station, from Yokohama taking the JR Keihin Tohoku and from Shinjuku taking the JR Sobu, mainly.

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