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The Algeria’s capital is Algiers. Some of its provinces are Adrar, Ain Temuchent, Béchar, Biskra, Buira, Bumerdas, Chelif, El Tarf, Oran, Mediya, Tebesa, Tiaret, Uzú and Yiyel.

Algeria map

Algeria stands out for its intense tourist activity. First of all because of its coastline over the Mediterranean, the impressive Sahara desert and its great historical cities. One of the main tourist places is the Saharan region of Hoggar massif, accurate for the practice of ecotourism. You can even make trips with the Tuareg nomadic communities. Another important destination are the dunes of Tassili Ouan Ahaggar, in addition to the cave paintings of Tefedest.

Algeria, map borders

On the other hand, the Atakor mountain range and Mount Assekrem, of spectacular beauty. South of Algeria, the visitor cannot stop passing by Algiers, its capital, where you can appreciate the ruins of Djemila, Tipaza and Timgad, which are the typical neighborhoods of the Maghreb, besides visiting the Ethnographic Museum

Algeria, world map

Finally there is the Turquoise Coast, on the Mediterranean, with beautiful and extensive beaches and rocky coves, a wonderful place to practice water sports.

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