Alternative tourism in Tarifa

Rate It is a Spanish destination that, due to its location, is ideal for outdoor sports activities, among them, alternative tourism, all within the province of Cádiz in Andalusia.

Outdoor activities in Tarifa

Outdoor excursions, experiential tourism, ecotourism, among others, are some of the options that we will have in Tarifa and that make this destination visited by thousands of tourists a year.

What tourist activities stand out in Tarifa? We can start with a tasting of fish -which we ourselves as part of an experiential activity can fish in Puerto Real- and then continue with an afternoon enjoying its white sand beaches or if we are more adventurous, we will find agencies that offer us the equipment of Kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Tourism in Tarifa

If we have chosen this destination to spend a vacation, a weekend getaway or just get away from the city, we can opt for a camping in Tarifa to stay.

Among them we find ideal places to spend a pleasant stay such as Camping El Jardin de Las Dunas, Camping Valdevaqueros, camping Tarifa, Camping Río Jara, among others, most of them will offer bungalows, laundry, bar, restaurant, showers, areas of horse riding, etc., in addition to providing information or having agencies where we can hire guide services for activities such as mountaineering, hiking, underwater fishing, surface fishing, among others.

Alternative tourism in Tarifa

Known as the Moorish people in southern Andalusia, Rate It is ideal for any traveler looking for a destination made for outdoor adventure activities, so after choosing where to stay and the activities to be done, all we have to do is enjoy every moment.

It is advisable not to leave Tarifa without having learned to climb, especially since we have the rocks of San Bartolo that have more than two hundred and fifty climbing routes; having practiced trekking, either alone or in a group, the mountains of the natural parks of Tarifa are ideal for both cycling and walking; and riding a horse, since riding Andalusian horses along the shore of the beaches of Tarifa is an experience that must be included in our itinerary.

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