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Anthem – Portugal

The anthem from Portugal It is titled A Portuguese (“the Portuguese”). It was written by the historian and poet Henrique Lopes de Mendonça. The music was composed by the painter and composer Alfredo Keil (of mother and father of German origin, but based in Portugal).

Originally the song was composed as part of a march in response to the “British ultimatum” of 1980 – which consisted of a warning for the withdrawal of Portuguese troops from the territory between Angola and Mozambique in favor of the British. The marches were against both the foreign power and the Portuguese monarchy, considered as faint hearted.

In 1910, already the republic was established, this song was declared “National Anthem” in replacement of the monarchical anthem “Himno Da Carta”. However, the anthem underwent several changes in order to reduce the anti-British burden. The anthem contains three parts of three quartets, but only the first one is sung.

Anthem in Portuguese

Stanza I

Heróis do mar, nobre povo,
Nação valente and imortal,
Levantai de novo leaf
Or splendor of Portugal!

Stanza II

Among the mists of memory,
Ó Pátria, sentence to voice
Two teus egrégios avós,
What will guide you to vitória!

Stanza III

Weapons, weapons!
On a terra, on or sea,
Weapons, weapons!
Pela Pátria lutar
Against you can leave, march

Portugal anthem (translation to Spanish)

Stanza I

Heroes of the sea, noble people,
Brave and immortal nation,
Get up again today
The splendor of Portugal!

Stanza II

Among the mists of memory,
Oh Motherland, feel the voice
Of your noble ancestors,
That will guide you to victory!

Stanza III

To weapons, to weapons!
Over the land, over the sea,
To weapons, to weapons!
For the country to fight!
Against the guns march, march!

To Portuguese (Instrumental)

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