Culture and traditions

Arab customs

It is known that Arab customs differ markedly from that of the western side. Now we will know some of these characteristics that make it unmistakable throughout the world.

Although the Arabs hardly get bitter if we don’t know their customs, it is better that we know to develop in the best way when we travel to their countries.

At first glance, what stands out is her dress. Women have two types of clothing: one for those who live in cities and one for expatriates. One of the suits they wear is the overgarment (abaya) that covers almost the entire body.

The most common greeting is Ahlan wa sahlan – what the reception means -, which we must learn when we visit an Arab country. Trying to learn the language will make a good impression. But the use must be with respect because it was designed for the word of God.

When you go to eat or drink you should use the right hand, and not the left because it is considered as “impure.” Remember to keep your feet flat on the ground, and do not cross your legs, because if you do otherwise it will be considered an offense.

If you managed to make a pleasant impression by talking with the Arabs. They will show the good impression they had of you by giving you a long handshake.

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