Arinaga – Gran Canaria

The Arinaga Natural Monument is a protected space which is located in the southeast coast of the island of Gran Canaria, in the municipality of Agüimes. They constitute the cone of Arinaga, the eastern slope of the Arinaga Mountain to the sea and the Roque de Arinaga.

Its almost 91 hectares of surface are a ecological sensitivity area, for being a representative sample of the characteristic ecosystems and natural spaces of the island.

There are threatened species like the Atlantic lizard that has a small population here. There are also endemisms such as sea pineapple or chaparro and species that need to be specially protected, as is the case of coastal migratory birds that usually pass through there.

Between the volcanic cones and cliffs from its relief there are artificial caves that have been excavated to be used as houses. There is currently no population in the area, although there is a lighthouse and a former youth hostel in disuse. The area is ideal for excursions of trekking Y nature observation.

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