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Australia weather

Australia is in the southern hemisphere, below the line of Ecuador and passes through the topic of Capricorn, so it has both a tropical and temperate climate.

Australia’s climate is characterized by clear days, with blue sky and sun. Australia is a very dry country so it rains very little. But when it rains it does so of such magnitude that it causes floods, road closures and damage to animal fauna.

Beaches in Australia

Rains according to Australian weather can be “Showers” or isolated rains, “Rain” rain in all parts of the city, “Hail” very heavy rains that cause flooding.

Instead of wearing raincoats, which in Australia sell them very cheaply and in many places, it is better to wear a good pair of sunglasses. The hole in the ozone layer in Australia is lower, so it is very important to always wear sunscreen.

In winter, temperatures range from low to high. The day can start at 5 degrees Celsius and by noon reach 21 degrees Celsius and go down again at night. Winter begins in May and ends in late August. It is important to wear a hat that also covers the ears. In the mountains of New south wales Y Victory It can snow and reach temperatures of 8 degrees Celsius below zero.

Flood in australia

In the summer it starts in mid-December and ends in February, the temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius. Almost all places have air conditioning, and the Australian deserts are prohibited areas at this time.

Summers have high temperatures in all cities, and there is very hot wind. The period of extreme heat is short. At other times of the year, the temperature is very good, although summer and winter are not lacking in pleasantly sunny days.

Forest fires in Australia

The weather that varies most frequently in a day is Melbourne, the city where it rains most frequently is Sydney, the place of greatest winds is Perth, the driest city is Adelaide.

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