Culture and traditions

Australian customs

In recent years, Australia It has become one of the countries with the largest number of immigrants, which has made it a country full of many cultures, since its immigrants are from all over the world.

But you always have to know the customs of each country when you go to meetings where the majority are Australian, in this case.

Always important the greeting. When arriving at a meeting, all those already present should be greeted in a single greeting, and if there are people who are entering, if they are both men they shake hands, if they are of different sex, the man must wait for the woman to decide in shaking hands or not, if both are women the greeting can be with a kiss on the cheek or shaking hands.

If there is already a group of acquaintances in the meeting and among them they are called by their first name, we cannot take that dare until we are allowed. Just for the moment we address them as Sir, Madam or Miss, according to the case.

Among the celebrations in Australia are the Anzac Day (The Armed Forces), the Boxing day, Easter week Y Australia Day, on January 26.

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