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Australian cuisine is made up of exotic and striking foods. Here we tell you which are the most typical, among which the dishes consumed by the aborigines and the peculiar meats, such as the kangaroo stand out.

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It is the national dish, a recipe that can not be missing in any Australian house. Colloquially it is also known as «dog’s eye»Which, translated into Spanish, means« dog's eye ».

It is made in two parts: on the one hand, the base and, on the other, the filling. The base is cooked with flour, butter and salt. These ingredients are mixed and a dough forms.

As for the filling, it usually consists of minced meat, meat broth, flour, nutmeg, soy sauce and salt. It is cooked in water over low heat and, once the meat is cooked, the flour is added.

Meatloaf: the national dish of Australia

This delicious dish is usually accompanied with the so-called sauce gravy. To make it homemade, you need red wine, demi glace (a brown sauce of French origin), cornstarch and margarine.


This dessert is typical in both Australia and New Zealand and both countries fight for their origin. His name was chosen in honor of Anna Pávlova, a famous Russian ballet dancer of the twentieth century.

To make this traditional cake, beat egg whites and add sugar, white vinegar and vanilla essence. Everything is placed in a baking pan and baked at about 140 ° C for one hour.

Pavlova: a crispy Australian pie

Once baked, let it cool and remove from the mold. Then it is decorated with whipped cream and fruits, although each chef gives it his personal touch. The result is a dessert crunchy outside and creamy inside.


Although for the rest of the world it sounds strange, in Australia it is normal to eat a kangaroo fillet. This can be done roasted, grilled or baked, and is usually tasted undercooked.

This reddish-looking meat has only 2% fat and is high in protein. In addition, it has health benefits, since it is anticancer, antidiabetic and reduces obesity.

Kangaroo meat accompanied by vegetables

As for the flavor, it is stronger than other types of meats such as pork or chicken, but it is tender. Such is its success, which has been exported to the rest of the world for some years.


Another meat that can be considered exotic, but that in this country is harvested, is that of the crocodile. Its consumption is not as widespread as that of the kangaroo, but it can be found in different restaurants.

Plate made with crocodile meat

The crocodiles that are usually used for cooking are those of the saltwater species, which are located in the north of the country. It is a meat considered exquisite, in addition to low fat.

his flavor It is difficult to compare with other types of meats, although it could be said that it is a mixture between chicken and fish. It is dry in texture and can be cooked in different ways, such as in sauce.

Chiko roll

This appetizer was invented by Frank McEnroe, a leading Australian businessman, in 1951. To make it he was inspired by the spring roll of Chinese cuisine.

It is designed so that you can eat down the street and without the need to use cutlery. They are sold by the "Chiko" brand, although some people prefer to make them for themselves.

Chiko Roll: a different Australian snack

Its ingredients are as follows:

  • Cabbage
  • Carrot
  • Veal
  • Barley
  • Wheat
  • Celery
  • Onion

All these foods are rolled into a dough, which makes it an easy-to-handle dish. In Australia about 17 million are consumed every year.

Redcurrant jam

Be part of the gastronomy bush tucker or aboriginal. The tribes of Australia are characterized by preparing dishes without discarding anything that nature offers them.

This culinary method is increasingly popular in the country, so there are aboriginal chefs who are starting to open their own restaurants.

In the case of this jam, it is made with wild fruits that are located in the north of Queensland, one of the States of Australia, which are known as currants.

Australian Gooseberry Jam

The advantage of this candy is that it can be kept in a sealed jar for up to one year. In addition, it is ideal for a breakfast or snack, as it can be accompanied by toast.

Ginger beer

In this territory we also find some typical drinks. One of them is ginger beer, very different from the beers that other territories like Europe are used to.

This drink is made from ginger, a plant used throughout the world. Its flavor is sweet and usually does not carry alcohol, but it is fermented to have gas.

Although there are various brands of ginger beer or ginger beer, one of the best known is Bundaberg, an Australian factory that produces this drink since 1960.

Bundaberg, Australia's ginger beer

Plum Pudding

This dessert is one of the Christmas traditions That are never missing in the country. They enjoy it both at home and on the beach, since in Australia it is summer when Christmas comes.

Its recipe is easy to prepare, and the basic ingredients are sugar, flour, eggs, cinnamon and dried plums. While they cook it, they sometimes add a gold nugget, which will bring luck to the one who finds it.

Plum Pudding and Australian Christmas

The time to cook it is about two hours between processing and baking. You have to wait until it is completely cold to be able to unmold it. It can be decorated with cream and plums.


It is a popular brand of spreads. Its history began in 1922 and since then it is very consumed at breakfast or lunch, especially spread on toast.

It is made with an extract of the yeast that is left over from the beer industry. It is dark brown and smooth texture. Its salty taste is strange for people who are not used to it.

Vegemite, a different spreads

Currently the company that produces this product is Mondelez International, a multinational in the United States. Outside Australia we can find it in New Zealand, North America and the United Kingdom.

Beetroot Burger

The hamburger is a product consumed worldwide. However, the citizens of this country introduced the beet as an ingredient to create a hamburger aussie (Australian)

Australian style hamburgers

In addition to beets, this easy-to-make dish includes beef, cheese and bread, although each person decides to add other products to their liking: lettuce, mustard, tomato, etc.

The idea of ​​making the hamburger in this way arose in the fifties. Although initially it was only cooked in local restaurants, nowadays it can even be found in McDonald’s from the country.


It is a fish native to Australia, where its consumption is typical. Its name comes from the aboriginal language of Queensland, an Australian state, and means "large-scale river fish". It can measure up to two meters and weigh sixty kilos.

Barramundi: a fish of up to 60 kilos

This fish is unusual, since throughout its life it moves between fresh water and salt water. You can fish both in eastern Australia and in New Guinea.

The barramundi can be made in different ways: fried, baked, grilled or barbecued. Therefore, it is very common to find it in the restaurant menu.

The meat of this fish is white and flaky and its flavor is soft. It is low in fat and rich in omega 3, so it is ideal for losing weight. It is also anticancer and beneficial for the heart.

Barramundi: typical Australian fish

Fairy Bread

Fairy Bread, or in Spanish, "fairy bread", is a traditional and homemade sweet. Its elaboration in Australia has been known since the 1920s. However, its origin is unknown.

It is a typical dish in birthday of the kids. Its preparation is simple, so even the youngest can make it, even without the help of an adult.

Fairy bread: the favorite candy of Australian children

Its main ingredient is bread, which, once cut into triangles, is smeared with butter and filled with colored aniseed or edible confetti.

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