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Australia’s day

The Australia’s day It is celebrated on January 29. This day is also known as the Australia Anniversary or the Australia Foundation Day.

The arrival of the first fleet to Sydney Cove and the proclamation of British sovereignty over the east coast of Australia in 1788 are commemorated.

Australia's day

It is a holiday in every state of Australia. That day, several awards were given to the Australian community. Awards are given to the Australian of the Year, the Citizen of the Year, Young Citizen of the Year, Community Group of the Year, Community Event of the Year and the Prime Minister gives a speech. The Australian Award of the Year is Australia’s most prestigious award, its winners have been great personalities of sports and medicine.

Some people call this day as the Invasion Day, since they see this day as the destruction and invasion of the territory of the natives by the British, that is why it is common for a protest to be presented that day.

Activities are carried out throughout Australia, which attract many tourists. There are parades and many more events, it is also the day where immigrants who have obtained citizenship swear.

Australian families celebrate with a barbecue of lamb and beer. At night you can hear and see fireworks.

There are some websites that you can visit, because they contain information about all the presentations, exhibitions and shows that are held that day.

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