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AVE – Spain

The trains of Spanish high-speed (bird) are a model in the world. They are comfortable, modern and we guarantee punctuality (If they do not comply they have a commitment to return the amount of the ticket).


We must take this alternative into account when planning our trip because thanks to these services we can save money and time. Not only for his average speed of 300 km / h, but do not require that we arrive well in advance to embark and also They share terminal stations with local transport (subway, suburban train and urban buses) as in the case of Atocha in Madrid, for example.


The AVE network was born in 1992 with the line to Seville, but currently also reaches Barcelona, Malaga, Huesca Y Valladolid and it is expanding to destinations in Valencia and Galicia.

AVE routes

To buy your tickets the web is:

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