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Baby moon: travel before giving birth

It is known as Baby moon to a trip that the future parents before the arrival of the baby, that is, a honeymoon with the baby still in the womb. Currently the Baby moon It is fashionable and it is common to find travel agency They offer itineraries to recommended destinations for a moment of leisure and relaxation.

Before becoming parents, future parents you can enjoy with him Baby moon from a vacation and start celebrating the soon arrival of the baby at home, in addition, it is common that during the first years of the baby’s life, parents do not want to make long trips and expenses at home increase, so, a Baby Moon It is ideal before being parents.

The itineraries are also designed for pregnant women traveling alone. The Baby moon They mostly include everything related to romantic walks, beauty treatments, massages, spa, gastronomic routes, couple dinners, and walks through the main shops of the place to shop.

If we go to make a baby moon we must avoid traveling in the stage of nausea and drowsiness (first trimester) being recommended to travel when we are between the 3rd and 6th month of pregnancy; tell our gynecologist the intention to travel to know any risk of premature delivery; verify if we need vaccines because some are contraindicated for pregnant women; and, wear breathable, comfortable and warm clothes to avoid any sudden temperature changes.

Some recommended destinations for a Baby Moon They are:

Bahamas Destination chosen for the tranquility that we can find in its crystalline waters beaches, in addition to being a recommended destination for a romantic trip. Bahamas is a Caribbean paradise that has large islands and exclusive resorts.

Spain. Destination chosen by those looking for a Mediterranean climate and to be able to make walks adorned by an attractive architecture. Among the most demanded cities are Madrid, Barcelona and Pamplona, ​​as they are full of history, culture, and varied hotel offers.

U.S. In the United States are Hawaii and San Antonio in Texas, two of the recommended destinations for the Baby Moon. The first because it is ideal for beach lovers and unforgettable landscapes full of mysticism. The second because it offers tranquility away from the huge cities and because it has walking routes full of attractions of Hispanic culture.

England. The outskirts of Chester are recommended to enjoy the vegetation, stay in historic buildings of the seventeenth century, access all the services of a spa or taste the best of English cuisine.

Greece. Nothing like Santorín Island to enjoy a sunset. Kilometers of black sand are decorated with churches, volcanoes and beaches.

Tobago Island located in the Caribbean Sea and that is a very chosen destination for a Baby Moon. Here pregnant women find an attractive tropical destination with turquoise waters and many offers related to aromatherapy, massages, beauty treatments and others.

Although the idea of Baby moon or tourism for pregnant women It is not new, in Spain it is just gaining market, and every day there are more couples who allow themselves to make a pleasure trip to enjoy a moment alone and rediscover themselves before starting a new stage in their life together.

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