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Baggage prohibited on the plane

If we are to travel and we are getting ready the Suitcases we must take into account all the elements that are considered as luggage prohibited on the plane in order to avoid setbacks and have a good trip. What can we take on the plane? What luggage is prohibited on the plane? Then in versiontravel we inform you about this subject.

Although each airline has its own policy on the elements that it allows and does not allow in luggage, within the rules we will regulate we find:

• It is forbidden to carry items that can be used as weapons (including swords, blades or knives, razors, razor blades, ice picks and any other sharp element that can be used as a sharp weapon, including firearms) to do so we must declare them at the time of delivering the bags.

• Some elements of sports use are prohibited (bows, arrows, lacrosse and golf clubs, pool cues, baseball bats and fishing harpoons).

• Explosives such as dynamite and grenades; Fireworks; flamethrower, among other devices with compressed air. In addition the elements with chemicals such as tear gas, bleach and paint.

• Within the sharp elements we must bear in mind that many work tools related to artistic subjects can be sharp like chisels.

There are some elements that, although not prohibited, airlines have limitations in relation to the amount we can carry, for example: canned goods, liquids, sauces, sports supplements, among others.

Finally remember that apart from following our advice it is recommended that you consult the chosen airline about the elements determined as luggage prohibited on the plane so that you avoid carrying them or declare them so that you do not have setbacks in customs controls.

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