Balloon trip in Toledo

The Toledo area is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the entire Spanish kingdom, not only because of the architectural and historical roots that the three cultures have left during their settlements in the city of Toledo, but also for its great Ecological and visual fun it has.

Toledo city

Contemplate the city of Toledo from the highest point, from where you can see the buildings of the castle or from the viewpoint, it is a fascination … but it is much more, climbing aboard the wheelbarrow of an aerostat balloon! To soar through the air and fly in the skies over the city! Observing the green meadows, the extensive concentration of buildings and streets in medieval style, the library buildings, the gardens of country houses!

Balloon Trip

Upon arriving at Toledo is the option to enjoy a trip in balloon by Toledo of an hour and a half of travel in the air ballooning, with a space of people from 2 to 7 companions, in turn so prices go. Being the average price of 155 euros per person to lower per group.


Trips can be booked with “lots of travel” companies from the Internet. But well, being in Toledo at the Puerta de Bisagra!

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