Baptism of diving in Murcia

The baptism of diving is a sporting activity that will allow us to relax and feel practically a fish experienced weightlessness in the sea. In Murcia we can explore the marine world for the first time, and safely, being part of a diving baptism.

The baptism of diving and diving in general is a simple activity that people from 12 years old can do and that is usually a very fun experience when practicing with a group of friends or family. This activity will take us an average of five meters deep to discover the underwater world.

The first thing we will do is prepare the equipment, receive the safety instructions, the orientation of the use of the equipment, and then we will proceed to move to the destination where the diving baptism will take place.

In Murcia we can carry out this activity in the cove of Cabo de Palos and in the cove La Manga, where one of the companies that provides this service is the Balkysub Diving School.

This diving school is located in the El Zoco Shopping Center, Gran VĂ­a de la Manga – Murcia, and will offer us a diving practice of forty to fifty minutes (the total activity lasts three hours) for a price of 75 euros per person.

Keep in mind that diving baptism is subject to weather conditions so there is always the possibility that the date will be rescheduled for our safety. We must have a swimsuit and towel.

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