Baqueira ski slopes

In the Aran Valley in the Catalan Pyrenees, we will find the Baqueira Beret ski resort, which is considered the largest ski resort in Spain, since it has a ski area of ​​almost two thousand hectares.

skiing baqueira

This track was inaugurated at the end of December 1964, it houses more than one hundred and twenty kilometers of pistes and more than seven kilometers of cross-country skiing and has some of the most privileged panoramic views since it is located north of the Pyrenees and has With an abundance of snowfall.

Baqueira ski slopes

This ski slope is visited every winter by many celebrities and personalities in addition to white sport fans who visit it to enjoy its slopes. Here we will find all the necessary services and, the best, for all budgets, from three to five star hotels, to restaurants, shops, commercial galleries, and all kinds of equipment and services necessary to practice snow sports.

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This ski resort is divided into three areas: Baqueira, Beret and Bonaigua. In all of them we will have modern facilities and, to give us an idea of ​​what Baqueira is like, we can indicate that this destination is always present in the annual Winter Snow Paradises magazine that is published in Spain.

Services in Baqueira

ski in baqueira

In Baqueira, apart from skiing, we can choose to ride horse-drawn sleds, snowmobiles, snowshoes, or go on an excursion through its natural spaces. If we are new in this sport we can receive classes at the ski school (the same one that has more than two hundred teachers), in addition, for any eventuality, we will have an information office, toilets, nursery, nursing, equipment and rescue station, etc.

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