Beaches of the Plains of Aridane – La Palma

The municipality of Los Llanos de Aridaneat west of La Palma, is characterized by having very good quality beaches and different from each other. With what, in a not very large extension of the coast, you can change the environment and type of coast very quickly. We can recommend you:

Charco Verde Beach, is the favorite of the population of the area. It is a bay 250 meters long, with fine black sand and picon. This beach has varied services for visitors and has a boat anchoring area. It is a meeting place for anglers.

El Remo Beach, is a bay 150 meters where calluses form small coves of moderate waves. It is sheltered by cliffs and surrounded by banana trees. It is the favorite of Reed shellfish and fishermen.

Las Monjas Beach, is the Unique nudist type in La Palma. It is sheltered by a cliff and surrounded by orchards, far from the villages. It consists of one bay 130 meters which is accessed by walking, 1.5 kilometers away from Puerto Naos.

Puerto Naos Beach, the best known of the island and with excellence in its visitor services, so it has Blue flag. Its fine sands with picΓ³n, shaded by coconut trees and the terraces of its promenade Along the 500 meters of beach they make this resort a paradise for the visitor. Moderate waves, allows the practice of windsurfing.

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