Beer tastings in Valencia

With the boom that the beer market has been experiencing, the options for tasting beers have been increased, matching demand for wine tasting.

To taste a beer we must know how to differentiate between their styles, bodies, flavors, smells and foam, so if we are first time it is ideal to have experts to guide us in the process. If we have wondered how to professionally taste a beer, we can discover this experience in Valencia.

With the beer tasting courses in Valencia we can learn the basis of the elaboration of this alcoholic beverage as well as its ingredients. Another important detail is the differentiation of flavors and aromas, since these characteristics are what define their quality. We will finish by learning what type of glass to use and the temperature at which the beer should be.

Some recommended places in Valencia for this course are: La Querencia, a restaurant that has more than ten years and is ideal to taste a menu inspired by Mediterranean cuisine (Carrer de Pelayo, 32-46007) and Urban Café, a space that every week offers leisure activities such as wine tasting, beer, theme parties, etc. It is located at Antonio Sacramento Street No. 13-46013.

The tasting courses have an average price of 35 euros (some courses include pairing of cheeses and sausages having a price of 100 euros or more) and a duration of two and a half hours. These include an introduction to the basics of tasting, tasting eight different types of beer and supporting documentation.

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