Beer tastings in Zaragoza

If we are in Zaragoza we can enjoy a tasting of craft beers. In this tasting we will learn about the origin of beer (which historically dates back to Egyptian legends although many specialists indicate that primitive man already made it based on cereal roots) and we can awaken our senses tasting the most outstanding beers of this destination .

In the tasting of beers in Zaragoza we can learn about the brewing process, the ingredients for each of the styles, the service of the beer, the styles and provenances and the types of beers that are for import.

In addition, some beer recommendations and cheese and ham tables to enjoy the delicious craft beers are usually included in the beer tastings. Most of these activities have a duration of two hours and have prices ranging from 8 to 45 euros per person.

A recommended beer tasting in Zaragoza is offered by the Cuore de Zaragoza pub (Cesareo Alierta street, 19). In it we can taste six beers made in a non-industrial way and accompany them with a table of hams of three types for a price of eight euros per person.

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