Culture and traditions

Belgium typical costume

The women employed special gowns who now represent their costumeThey are complex dresses that make them unique. Although currently, they manage to differentiate between different ethnic groups, as well as for periods of time, according to which different versions of the national costume come. Some styles have managed to beat the times.

There are two very recognized versions, The hunter, which has been one of the most popular typical costumes in Belgium, currently brides use it as a dress at their wedding, the design is characterized by having many ornaments Celtic on the sleeves and neck. He also wears ties with colors that harmonize that of the dress, inside he wears a special white shirt. From the Romantic Era there are still vestiges of a dress especially slimming, called EponinIt is a fully lined dress that has a square neck, the eyelets on the back allow you to adjust it to wear a narrow waist.

In the case of men, their costumes have been inspired by french costumes for the Occupation of France in Belgian territory. The most famous accessories are overalls, aprons, tunics and berets. The shorts were widely used by children but later adults also adopted them. The Belgian they tend to use more traditional clothes, recently they are modernizing their way of dressing.

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