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Belize Map

The country of Belize, borders countries like Mexico Y Guatemala, located in the center of America.

Belize’s location in America

Belize map location in America

The whole country has beautiful natural environments, which in sight are beautiful landscapes.

Belize in Central America

map of Belize Central America

Belize Districts

map of Belize and its districts

1.-Belize Ditrito. It is the capital of the country, there is located the port of San Pedro, its main tourist attraction.
2.-Cayo District. It has ample spaces to harvest fruits, it also has some natural reserves.
3.- Corozal District. Near the border with Mexico, this district is known as the country’s sugar production.
4.-Orange Walk District. Here they harvest tubers and it is also the largest district in Belize.
5.-Staan Creek District. Cockcomb fauna is located in this district.
6.-Toledo District. It is located in the south of the country, and its capital is Punta Gorda.

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