Benefits of the Sauna

The sauna It offers many benefits for health and body well-being. Firstly because it eliminates toxins and increases defenses. Opening the pores removes heavy mental from the body and also alcohol, nicotine, sulfuric acid and sodium.

Benefits of the Sauna

It helps fight cholesterol. Minerals and water (2 liters) are also lost, but can be recovered with isotonic drinks. Eliminate tumor cells.

Benefits of the Sauna having fun

Help release endorphins, so it fights insomnia and stress. Improves cardiovascular function, breathing. It even has a positive effect on people with arthritis because it improves the locomotor system and psycho-emotional state, so it relieves the pain of this disease.

Benefits of the Sauna couple

Too It helps reduce cellulite and adiposities, as well as muscle spasms, bone ailments, neuralgia and chafing.

Benefits of the Sauna relaxing

But certain risks can also be taken if we are not properly informed. You have to take precautions when the person has some heart disease, So you should consult a specialist before going.

Benefits of the Sauna relax

There are even some medical studies that indicate that the abuse of sessions in the sauna is detrimental to sexual life, since heat reduces the quantity and quality of male semen. In women it can cause bleeding or interrupt ovulation.

Benefits of the Sauna going out

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