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Benin Map

Benin, African country, which managed to become independent from France, but not of their language, since it is still the official language in the country, but also the yoruba part of the border is spoken with Nigeria.
Benin has a little more than 100 thousand inhabitants of which only the 33 percent of them are literate.

Countries that border Benin.

map of Benin and its borders

The provinces of Benin are:

1. Alibori
2. Atakora
3. Atlantique
4. Borgou
5. Collines
6. Donga
7. Kouffo
8. Littoral
9. Monkey
10. Ouémé
11. Plateau
12. Zou
map of Benin and its provinces

Political Map of Benin.

Benin Political Map

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