Berlinale – Berlin

The Berlinale or also called Berlin International Film Festival, considered the best European film festival, takes place in Germany.

The event takes place during the month of February in the Berlinale Palst. Its first edition was held in 1951, the film with which the festival was inaugurated was Rebeca by Alfred Hitchcock.


The figure that represents the awards is the Bear, the most valuable being the Golden Bear, the best director award and the Silver Bear the prize for the best male and female interpretation. The Honorary Golden Bear It is awarded to the actor, actress or director in recognition of his career in the middle.


It has been accredited by the FIAPF (International Federation of Associations of Cinematographic Producers) as a category A event. Its similar are the film festivals of Cannes, Venice and Mar de Plata.

Several Hollywood stars attend the festival. Kate Winslet, Renée Zellweger, Winona Ryder and Demi Moore, Leonardo di Caprio, Keanu Reeves or Gael García Bernal walked the red carpet in the 59th edition of the Berlin Film Festival (2009).

Berliner - Berlin

In the 10 days of the festival, more than 300 films are screened. It is a tradition that the projected film rolls are left hanging from the top of the cinemas after finishing the film. There is a giant screen in Potsdamer Platz where you can watch trailers of many movies.

At this time there are many tourists who go to the cinemas to watch the new movies, also inside the cinema you can drink beer since in Berlin beer is considered as a soda.

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