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Best destinations for family vacations

The main thing in a family travel is to be able to find a midpoint where everyone feels happy with the chosen destination, in this way it can be a very good option to opt for a theme park of great international recognition. Among the most interesting and popular is Universal Studios, Disney World and even the Legoland, places where you can enjoy both a charming aesthetic design that is liked by everyone as well as activities and games full of fun and action. It is also possible to find themed hotels in these places, reason why it is not necessary to go out to look for lodging.

If you want to avoid going to the same places as always, there are some cities that offer more fun to the family than they appear:

  • Chicago: The second city in the United States marvels with its free activities: parks, zoo and even beaches on the lake. In addition, to travel, there are many carriage rides, trams and means of transport that children will love. As if that were not enough, the city concentrates its attractions in a compact urban center, full of museums, zoos, and theaters where you have to walk a little to find fun.
  • London: Like a true cultural theme park, London focuses almost all of its museums with activities designed for children. Thus, the little ones can learn and have fun as in few places on the planet.
  • Washington: It may come as a surprise, among so many entertainment destinations for children, but Washington has a lot to offer: large zoos, impressive museums to observe from dinosaurs to spaceships, historical monuments, and an original museum dedicated to espionage.
  • Singapore: The city of Singapore, it seems to think of every detail so that nobody gets bored. Children will also be happy with the infinity of theme parks, including water parks and even the largest zoo in the world, where it is possible to make a night safari simulating an African night.
  • Sydney: Cosmopolitan city and complete as few, with beaches, bridges, boats, interactive museums and natural parks within walking distance of the city. In addition, they are not missing theme parks, and urban excursions like crossing the Harbor Bridge, in just half an hour where we will get unbeatable views of the city.

Finally, the cruise ships They are also excellent spaces where you can enjoy quality time with the children. Obviously, not all cruises are optimal for carrying minors, so I recommend all those that are presented as family type and that have a large number of varied activities. The route where the cruise passes It is a fundamental part When planning a trip with the family, in the small land stops there must be lovely places that are the memory of these, a good option may be the Caribbean or the Mediterranean.

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