Bike rental – Prague

The bike rental in Prague It is not so widespread because, unlike other European cities, the road infrastructure is not very large. In total there are about 180 km of bike lane, of which 60 are far from the streets. However, there are good routes and, if necessary, people alternate with sidewalks and streets without problems. For more information you can consult this interactive map:

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The prices of rental they’re short. The average one-day price of rental They are 600 CZK (23 euros). If you think too much you can rent for hours. The minimum rental is 2-3 hours, and the price is around 320 crowns (12 euros). The price includes protective clothing, maps, and – if you ask – a basket and a child seat.

The main rental companies are the following:

  • Ave Bicycle Tours (
  • City bike (
  • Praha Bike (

You can park the bicycles in any car park marked “P + R”. Everyone usually has lockers to leave your bike. The price is only 20 crowns (1 euro). There are also parking lots on the streets of Prague, but you risk a robbery. You can also take your bike in any means of public transport at no extra cost as long as it is not during peak hours.

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