Bike routes

Travel Madrid Cycling is a challenge to physical capacity and the traveling spirit, through paths, forest tracks, roads and other routes. Some stretches are more pleasant than others, others with greater difficulty and some that offer natural environments that, unlike the car, the bike allows us to travel at ease.

Bike routes

Those who carry out this activity have learned to value free time and nature. With much effort when pedaling, but also observing a beautiful landscape that sometimes goes unnoticed. This practice began strongly in the late eighties, that from the rural areas moved to the natural spaces that surround the cities.

Bike routes Madrid

They have become increasingly popular mountain bikes and off-road calls. The evolution of its models has achieved greater reception in the public, especially in athletes. But there is everything, as for beginners and amateurs and for athletes with experience.

Bike routes resting

The bike routes they arouse sensitivity for the natural and lead to unknown corners and to discover landscapes that we usually do not see.

Route of the antennas in the Sierrra Norte of Madrid.

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