Bike trips through Cappadocia, Turkey

We moved to the heart of Cappadocia in Turkia in the village of Ayvali. It has been registered in several European cycling magazines, as one of the best places to cycle in Turkia and Europe.


A beautiful mountain bike tour along the slopes and Ayvili, where every tourist is fascinated by the natural sculptures of 3-meter-high rocks rising to the sky, places that change their surroundings in each curve, smooth paths without large Slopes or steep and rocky descents.

Another way to make the tour of the hills is by horse, donkeys or quad-motorcycles rented by the locals of the region that are offered at the same time, although being an adventurer it will not be necessary since the roads are well defined and the panorama always It is clear and clear. Along the route while descending the hillside, buildings are glimpsed that little by little seem to leave the rocky and green walls of the mountains, churches carved between mountain and stone, stone and mountain pillars, which will attract the attention of our eyes, since in them windows and doors are seen !!! We speak in a common way for the inhabitants of this region, stone dwellings.


Then for a good rest we recommend you to visit the Hotel Gamirasu, called “The Cave Hotel”, which, like the rest of the lodgings, is quite popular for its sculpted strokes to rock bases and following some caves in the area.


A holiday that many tourists have the opportunity to celebrate are arranged marriages, where all the people including tourists are invited to celebrate for 3 to 5 days, during which young people in the region tell their parents who they want to marry and they arrange the wedding!

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