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Bilbao for free, enjoy what the city offers without paying

Bilbao is a Spanish municipality located in the northern part of the country and is next to Saint Sebastian one of the most visited destinations of the Basque Country. If we have Bilbao as next travel destination we can visit the following tourist attractions for free:

Basque Archaeological, Ethnographic and Historical Museum. Opened at the beginning of the 20th century, this baroque style museum is also known as the Basque Museum of Bilbao (Euskal Museoa) and can be visited for free on Thursdays. The exhibitions of the museum are divided into four floors specialized in Prehistory, Civil War, archeology, among others.

Bilbao Fine Arts Museum. Also known as the Bilboko Arte Eder Museoa, this museum is one of the most important in the country with more than eight thousand pieces among engravings, paintings, sculptures and others. This place that houses pieces of the ancient, modern and contemporary stage can be visited for free on Wednesdays.

Church of San Antón. This Gothic-style temple opened its doors in the 15th century located on the banks of the estuary and in the center of the city's historic center. It can be visited free on weekends.

The Bilbao Reproductions Museum. Located in the old Church of the Heart of Mary, this museum opened in 1927 and has identical artistic reproductions of museums such as Berlin, the Academy of Florence and the Louvre. The Bilbao Reproductions Museum It can be visited for free on Thursday.

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