Boat Trips in Ibiza

A Ibiza boat trip It can be an adventure without comparison, imagine what it would be for you, your friends or your family to travel the free ocean visiting each port that you want and the experience of sleeping every night on a different beach with your boat! So for those who wish to enjoy this experience versiontravel shows you today about some of the ways to do it, even if you don’t have the boat.


To begin on the island of Ibiza there are a variety of private companies that are dedicated to the rental of boats, yachts and small boats, offering different routes and services through the great Balearic archipelago. As for example one of the most mentioned companies, “Ecoibiza” who offers you the full service, from picking up the traveler at the airport, either by a driver or by taking a vehicle for rent, from here to the hotel the which they themselves have prepared for the next day to pick up the tourist at the door of the hotel to take him to the boat.

Ibiza coastsAnother company that is dedicated with many years of experience to fulfill your dream of realizing boat trips around Ibiza It is “Ibiza Yacht Charter” that, unlike the previous one, they focus only on providing the rental service, but not the complete package we mentioned before, but they do it with great excellence and at good prices.

Es Vedra Island, IbizaA long ocean crossing along the beautiful coast of Formentera, jump into the water whenever you want from your boat to explore the beautiful virgin coves of Ibiza!

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