Boca Juniors Stadium (La Bombonera) – Buenos Aires

The Alberto J. Armando Stadium Belongs to Boca Juniors Athletic Club, which is known for its popular first division soccer team, which has achieved many national and international trophies. It is located at 805 Brandsen Street, Neighborhood of the mouth, the port arrabal colorist of the City of Buenos Aires. It has capacity for around 60,000 spectators and was inaugurated in 1940.

Image author: Diego Silvestre

In the entrance hall you can see two paintings belonging to renowned Argentine artists Quinquela Martín and Pérez Celis, with themes related to the history of Boca.

The name by which this stadium is popularly known is “The Bombonera”, due to its particular design that had to adapt to the limited terrain they have and that gives it excellent vision from any point towards the playing field. Its facilities were completely renovated in 1996.

Mouth, as it is known, It was founded in 1905, and since then he changed the location of his field several times. The colors of his shirt are blue crossed by a yellow horizontal band in the middle. The most important match played in this field is the super-classic, opposite the River Plate Athletic Club.

In La Bombonera is the Boquense Passion Museum, which opens daily from 10 to 18 hours, but the days of matches are modified. The general admission It costs $ 28 (€ 5), combined with the visit to the Stadium is $ 40 (€ 7.50). For minors, $ 15 (€ 2.80) and $ 20 (€ 3.75), respectively. There you can see audiovisuals, trophies and a sample of objects that walk through the history of the club.

Image author: José Porras

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