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Brazilian Embassy in Spain

In 1880 the headquarters of the Embassy from Brazil in Spain. For many years it served as a private building and owned by illustrious Spanish characters. But it was in 1944 that it became the property of Brazilian government and it was decided to install there the embassy of the South American country.

brazil shield

The Embassy location is Calle de Fernando El Santo, 6 in Madrid. It is surrounded by Zurbano and Almagro streets. The current Brazilian ambassador and absolute representative of that country in Spain He has a degree in legal sciences Paulo Cesar de Oliveira Campos.

It is in this building where you can request the visa to travel to Brazil. It does not matter if these trips are of work or pleasure, the attentions are fast and are carried out with total comfort.

The Brazilian people are characterized by their joy and hospitality and visit the Embassy of that country is to receive a little of the treatment that will be taken when it finally reaches the South American country.

Paulo Cesar de Oliveira Campos

Any commercial agreement or business proposal that can be made with Brazil can be consulted and presented in the Embassy Brazilian. Similarly, if a Brazilian citizen has a problem with Spain It is the embassy that must ensure the interests of its citizens.

In the Brazilian embassy, ​​military aggregations work that serve the public from 9am to 5pm. In this way, interested parties can approach and carry out the consultations they deem necessary.

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