Bungee Accidents

Bungee jumping is an activity that requires great value and of course, the desire to live one of the most risky and impressive experiences in the genre of extreme sports.

bungee jumping

It all starts from the top of a bridge, for this, the practices look for the highest structures with a low point where the adventurer cannot get hurt when descending.

There are two types of “moorings“With which it will be fastened, it may well be by means of a waist harness, which is unusual, because this can dislocate the spine if it bounces in a bad way, it is usual to hold it on the heels.

Once attached, it is thrown into a vacuum and thanks to the rope “guide“, Which is an elastic rope, when it reaches its point of greatest outcome, it will bounce and unlike the”Bungee”, It will begin to pendulear, as if it were a constant ticking.

Accidents usually occur in a few cases, but when these occur, they are usually fatal! The most common, are given by pulling bungee and revolve up, the rope is wound and locks in the neck, causing impressive deaths and even decapitations.

Another issue is when the “Weight Tests”, Which are made before starting, throwing a bag with an average of 185 lbs. And they are not calibrated well, they can have an impact on the super skin.

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