Bungee jumping in Madrid

If you want bungee jumping in the heart of Madrid, then do not hesitate to go to any of the following benchmarks that we have selected for fans of outdoor adventure sports.

bungee jumping in Madrid

Outdoor Factory Bungee Jumping: This company has a headquarters in Segovia, it is by far one of the most interesting and recommended proposals to spend a highly productive day, with a series of useful and recreational activities. Immerse yourself in an extreme dose of pure adrenaline. In general, customer service is available in the high and low seasons of the year, so you can go at any time. Prices from € 40.

Asdón Adventure Madrid Bungee Jumping: Located near Lozoya Del Valle, this company offers you an important variety of bungee jumping that you can do in the Sierra region of Madrid. With more than 16 years of experience in the market, we are talking about more than 6,000 jumps to enjoy depending on your level of experience. Ideal for professional athletes, travelers, backpackers and people of all ages. Prices from € 20.

bungee jumping Madrid

Turiaventura Madrid Bungee Jumping: Located in the central area of ​​Madrid, test your skills and experience with the most impressive bungee jumping you can find in the Spanish capital. Among the best known points we have Madrid, Albacete, and Murcia. So far dozens of adventurers, travelers, backpackers and athletes arrive to spend an entertaining weekend, in addition to all the amenities and services we can find in the surroundings. Prices from € 50.

bungee jumping in Madrid

Highjump: But if what you want is an extreme experience full of emotions, then what you need is to go around Highjump, the perfect scenario to make your jumps to the limit. It is an association that is dedicated to promoting and promoting the development of different adventure activities and jumps. Prices from 55 euros.

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