Bungee jumping in Valencia

He bungee jumping It is one of the favorite sports of fans adventure sports and Spain is a destination that has a wide diversity of natural spaces ideal for practicing, some of them being in Valencia. Here are some recommended companies for bungee jumping.

Valencia Adventure Bungee Jumping From 35 euros we can put our senses to the limit and learn the latest techniques in jumps in this sports center. Here we will have all the necessary security measures and the necessary material to practice this activity without risks. The services are hired from groups of four people and, also, we will have the option of two jumps for 40 euros.

Bungee Jumping Valencia

Maximum Bungee Jumping Adventure. Here we will receive all the advice and supervision necessary to practice bungee jumping and pupuenting. This center has specialists in jump baptism, head jumps, somersaults, etc .; all qualified by the INEF – TDME. Prices range from 30 euros per person.

Bungee jumping in Valencia

If what we are looking for is to perform a pendulum jump and wish to be accessed by experts, we can look for Bungee Jumping Valencia. Here we offer the possibility of bungee jumping on the Júcar River from 40 euros. The pendular flight has an average height of thirty meters.

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