Bungee jumping

New Zealand It is one of the favorite places to practice the bungee jumping.

bungee jumping

In this country highlights places like the Kawarau River Bridge, to 20km from Queenstown, with a height of 43 meters. There is also the Capitanes Canyon Bridge, on the Shotover River at 71 meters high. Other important places are The pipe, Tower of Heaven Y Hammer springs.

bungee jumping off the bridge

U.S, Switzerland, France, Austria, Argentina Y Spain They are part of the classic world bungee jumping circuit. However, there are thousands of places around the world where you can practice this sport. Even the tour packages now include the practice of bungee jumping in different cities. For example Peru is beginning to become famous for its bungee jumping circuits, where the Santa Eulalia Valley. The fan of this sport can enjoy 20 meters of free fall and then be suspended 140 meters above the ground.

bungee jumping

The higher bungee jumping of the world, cataloged by the Guinness Records, is in South Africa, to 216 meters above the Bloukrans River, near Plettenberg.

bungee jumping

If what you are looking for is even more extreme, now you can also practice reverse bungee jumping. The adventurer leaves from below and when he reaches the top he breaks off and opens a parachute.

Demonstration of preparation for bungee jumping near Queenstown.

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