Culture and traditions

Burano – Venice

Burano it is a small island of the venice lagoon which is located in the north zone. It was not part of Venice until 1923. It is an island of fishermen, very popular for the color of their houses. It is 45 minutes from Vaporetto from Venice.

It became important from the 16th century, with the handmade elaboration of rich handmade lace threads. The girls began to learn the art of thread lace at age 12 at the lace school. History that we can know in the Merletto Museum.

But nowadays Burano is known, more than for its expensive elaborate lace that now comes from the East, for the color of its houses.

The houses follow each other painted as if it were a painting. Anyone who wishes to paint their own must make an express request to the city council that, once the area occupied by the house is analyzed, will communicate the color that should be used. Nothing is random.

Burano lives almost exclusively from tourism. Walking through its streets is like participating in a work of art. That is why it has become the mecca of photographers and artists. They highlight the Parish Church of San Martino, from the 15th century, which treasures the painting of “La Crucifixión” by Tiepolo. It has a very crooked 17th-century campanile with 53 meters high and its neighbor, the Chapel of Santa Barbara.

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