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Burkina Faso, Map

Burkina Faso It is located in West africa and it is a country that does not have access to the sea. Border with Mali, Niger, with Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo and Benin.

Burkina Faso, Map

Formerly it was called Republic of the Upper Volta. But in 1984 the country was renamed by the president Thomas Sankara, how Burkina Faso, what does it mean «The homeland of the whole men» . In the local language mossi ‘burkina’ means full and in the other local language dyula, ‘faso’ is homeland.

Burkina Faso, Regions Map

The relief of Burkina Faso It is composed of an extensive plateau of about 300 meters high. It is covered by savannas and forests. To the southwest, it rises to 750 meters on Mount Banfora.

Burkina Faso, Map with Borders

Burkina Faso It has an important river network. Has the Volta river and its tributaries the Volta White, Volta Black Y Volta Red.
It is of tropical climate, has an average temperature of 25 degrees.

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