Bus – Athens

The Athens Urban Transport Organization has a network of buses diesel, natural gas and electrical. They work in a complementary way with the rest of the city’s mass transportation means.

Athens bus

A standard ticket has a cost of one euro and is valid for any form of public transport. It allows you several trips in a 90 minute interval. They can be purchased at any kiosk or store. If you plan to stay for a week, there is a ticket valid for 7 days at 10 euros. It should only be ticated once before using it. The rate to the Athens airport It is 3.20 euros. The driver will not stop the bus unless you notify him by raising his arm.

Athens bus map

Buses operate every 15 minutes from 5am to midnight. On Sundays there is no service. There are 28 routes that cover everything Athens. From the airport there are about 6 routes to the main districts of the city. In the terminal also a varied offer of public transport maps. You can find the bus routes by number here:

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