Bus – Buenos Aires

The city of Buenos Aires It has a network of urban buses 144 lines that operate in the Metropolitan region. They are known as “collective”And are the fastest, most popular and most economical form of public transport.

The lines are identified with numbers and each company has characteristic colors with which they paint the vehicles. The stops They are indicated with a pole that shows the line number and a summary of the route.

They work 24 hours, although after midnight the frequency of passage is usually lower. Within the city there are two tariffs, 1.20 and 1.25 pesos (around US $ 0.35 or € 0.25). The ticket can be purchased in the collective with coins, or pay with the two systems of Prepaid cards, Wallet and SUBE, which can be used on most subway, train and bus lines.

The card Coin purse it is requested free of charge at the subway ticket offices. GOES UP It is a personal and free magnetic card, it must be requested at the San Martin 921 Service Centers, and Sucre 2430, presenting an identity document.

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