Bus – Huelva

The city ​​buses from the city of Huelva are managed by the municipal company E.M.T.U.S.A. Without a doubt it is an economical and practical way to move quickly.

Huelva bus

There are nine lines that run throughout the city between 5:30 and 12 at night. The price of the single ticket is € 0.90.

Urban buses

Line 1: Zafra – Colonies – Torrejón
Line 2: Zafra – Torrejón – Colonias
Line 3: Plaza de las Monjas – Higueral – University
Line 4: Plaza de las Monjas -Torrejón – Hospital
Line 5: Zafra – Isla Chica – Hospital
Line 6: Zafra – Conquero – High Order
Line 7: Plaza de las Monjas – Santa Marta – Low Order
Line 8: Plaza de las Monjas – Barriada Del Carmen
Line 9: Zafra – New Park

Huelva buses

To move to other municipalities there is a network of intercity buses with departures from the Huelva Bus Station which is located on Av. Alemania s / n. In summer there is a regular maritime service of “Canoa” to Punta Umbría.

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