Bus – Lima

In Lima, as in any other large city, mobilization is vital, especially when it comes to a city with more than 8 million inhabitants. The most common way for Lima to mobilize is through buses that are, in reality, rural vans popularly known as “combis”.

Transportation in Peru

These “combis” travel the city with different routes. Passengers must wait for them at the corners or at official stops to get on. On some occasions you can find available seats, but on others you must travel on foot. Of course, there are preferential seats only for pregnant women, the disabled, and the elderly.


The Lima transport buses They usually have fixed routes that are not modified. It is a cheap transport and is used by the majority of Lima, the price of the route can range from 30 cents to one euro depending on the distance.


For some routes within the city you will find buses but every day there are fewer travel lines.

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