Bus – Lisbon

The bus It is essential in Lisbon due to the still limited extent of meter. For example, the paths to Airport by public transport can only be done in bus. The network has about 758 buses They perform 88 routes, of which 11 are night.

The most important lines for tourism are:

  • Number 91 (aerobus): It is the fastest line to reach the Airport. Between Commerce Square and the Airport Make ten stops.
  • Lines 5, 22, 44, 45 and 83: These lines also arrive at the Airport, but from different points of Lisbon. They make more stops than 91.
  • Lines 5, 25, 28, 44, 708, 750, 759, 782 and 794: All these lines lead to Park of the Nations and they stop at the Oriente Station. It is a good option to visit the new area without having to use the Meter.
  • Lines 28, 714, 727, 729 and 751: They are a good alternative to the tram to get to Belém.

The schedule of each line of bus It varies, but most start operating at 6 in the morning and end at 9 at night. Busy lines serve until midnight.

As to night buses, there are two types: Rede da Madrugada (lines 201 to 210) and Night bus (lines 1 and 2). The former operate every day at intervals where they do not understand the daytime lines. The latter operate only on weekends and on the eve of holidays and have the great advantage of being totally free.

The price of the banknotes individual is 1.20 euros in the bus and 0.75 euros at the window. There is also one day (3.30 euros) and for 5 days (13.20), which are valid for all other means of public transport. The “7 hills” card (€ 0.50) gives you discounts on regular tickets, which you can charge to the card. Finally, there is the Lisboa Viva card – which costs 10 euros per se – with which you can buy unlimited passes for one month (28.10 euros).

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