Bus – London

The bus or bus, It is one of the most used land transport, and in London There are the classic red double-decker models, which are well known worldwide. You could say that this city is your home.

London bus

They have the name of Routemaster, and it is an extraordinary place to mobilize, but even better to get to know the city more, as well as a brief tour.

London bus the red bus

But to get on any of these buses, it is necessary to have some access tickets, which can be purchased at the various vending machines at bus stops, since the trip is not paid otherwise.

London bus passing through Big Ben

The prices you vary, if it is only one way it is 2 euros, but if it’s for a whole day it’s from 3.80 euros.

London bus looking at the map

Like the subway, buses also have maps where its circulation is seen, located in its stops, and in this way the passengers will be able to know the exact route.

Traveled London inside the Big Bus.

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