Bus – Pontevedra

The city of Pontevedra does not have service urban type buses. It operates more than 20 lines of regional type buses They centralize their services from the capital to the surrounding towns and have 41 stops in the city.

All lines, the most used is the one that connects the center of Pontevedra with the Urbanization of Monte Porreiro, covered by Pontevedresas Lines, which has a Wallet Card that offers significant discounts on rates. Rates depend on the requested route.

The companies that work in the area, among others, are: Transport La Unión, Castromil, Autoindustrial, Núñez Barros, La Estradense, Manuel García Castro, Gómez de Castro, Raúl and Cuíña.
The Pontevedra Bus Station It is located in Rúa da Estación, s / n. The information telephone is the 986 852 408.

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