Bus – San José (Costa Rica)

Service buses metropolitan city of Saint Joseph circulates between 05.00 and 22.00.
There is no central station, which makes it convenient for you to report to the tourist office (ICT) about routes. The lines They do not identify with numbers but with the name of the destination they have.

Public intercity bus.

Although it is cheap, the public bus It is overcrowded and you will take risks with pickpockets, you must take precautions.

Minibus or shuttle, special for tourists.

The minibus or shuttle Exclusive of tourists is a very advisable means but it does not have the charm of confusing us with the locals. The cab, for short trips it is a solution.

Old recycled school bus

The old North American school transports have been recycled for the extraradio service. And, some of them were decorated with cheerful traditional paintings Costa Ricans, for the exclusive transport of tourists.

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