Bus – Stockholm

Like the subway and the train, the buses from Stockholm are driven by Stockholms Lokaltrafik (Stockholm Public Transport).

Stockholm bus

There is a vast number of lines of bus which cover routes that the subway and the train do not reach. All of the latter stops are connected by at least one bus. Regular buses are red. There are also blue buses, which cover several central routes of Stockholm and are better suited for the elderly and disabled.

Stockholm public transport

When climbing a bus You must show the ticket to the driver. In some places in the city center there are inspectors who check the tickets. If you want the bus stop at any stop you must press the “stop” button. On blue buses you must press a button to open the doors.

Stockholm bus

The price of single 1-hour tickets is 20 Swedish kronor (2 euros) and 15 if you buy in advanced (1.5 euros). There are 24-hour tickets (100 crowns or 10 euros), 72 hours (200 crown or 20 euros) and 7 days (260 crowns or 27 euros). The 30-day pass (690 crowns or 70 euros) allows you unrestricted pass to buses, trams and the Djurgården ferry. Another option is the Stockholm Card (“Stockholm Card”) that allows you to freely use transport and admission to 75 museums.

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